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Sushi Hub opened its first store on 16 October 2006 in an alley way in Cabramatta, NSW. It now has more than 100 stores operating across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.


Both management and staff constantly work together to deliver the freshest, top quality sushi to customers. Sushi Hub products are sourced locally and delivered daily to ensure the best quality. All The chefs undergo a minimum of twelve months training to become an independent chef for each outlet. Sushi Hub believes in providing the best environment and coaching system to secure and keep the most suitable staff in each position. Senior management believes in providing the optimum support to younger staff as they are seen and groomed to be the future of the business.


Sushi is the heart and soul of Sushi Hub and making and serving sushi is a labour of love between the chefs and customers. Sushi Hub’s love of classical sushi has resulted in the creation of a sublime menu that is full of flavours that includes: Maki Roll, Sushi Box, Sashimi & Salad, Inari, Nigiri and Sushi Platters. Appealing to the eyes as well as the palate, Sushi Hub signature dishes include: Fresh Tasmanian Salmon Roll; Crispy Free Range Chicken Roll and Tuna Salad Roll with Sushi Boxes and Salad Boxes equally as popular. For sushi lovers who are looking for a healthy staple with low GI and high fibre, brown rice as an alternative option is available on request at selected stores.


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